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Tradition and Innovation

Building with wood is an ancient craft, but always current. For four generations our family uses this fantastic material produced by the earth, the largest natural biological factory.

Biohabitat was born in the early eighties to provide its customers with innovative solutions paying particular attention to the well-being of persons, to the reduction of wasting of resources and environmental conservation.

The owners, Alessandro and Luca Cemin, have created a structure that combines the experience derived from the tradition to the most modern techniques of design and implementation of bioconstruction.

The artisanal experience, the culture of wood as a building material and the respect for health and the environment, are just some of the qualities that Biohabitat has developed over the years and that are offered to all its customers.

With the activation of the production line of solid wood walls without glue or nails, Biohabitat has launched on the market an innovative product that best concretises the increasing need to live in a environment free from noxious materials.

Biohabitat has gained a growing sensitivity to environmental problems and adopted sustainable building systems.

The high degree of prefabrication in the manufacturing plant, makes it possible a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. In addition, to guarantee the protection of the forest heritage, Biohabitat uses only wood from certified forests, correctly and responsibly managed in compliance with strict environmental, social and economic standards.