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Building criteria


In a house built in the traditional way are often present materials that contain noxious substances which, although not directly compromise health, can cause allergies and intolerances, due to evaporation of the glues and the solvents used.

Values such as psychophysical well-being and safety do not fall within the technical parameters and cannot be directly measured: nevertheless, we consider them as fundamental and take them into account as part of the design, because “health” doesn’t simply mean “being disease-free”.

This philosophy translates, first and foremost, into the use of completely natural and breathable materials, without the use of glues and solvents in order to guarantee the maximum living comfort.

According to estimations of the World Health Organization, 20% of the western population is affected by Sick Building Syndrome – headaches, nausea, irritations, allergies, loss of concentration, damage to the central nervous system – attributable to the poor quality of building materials of chemical origin and the poor breathability of buildings.

The goal that we set ourselves is to guide the customer in the proper and informed choice of completely natural and breathable materials in order to guarantee optimal living comfort.