Wooden houses in Trento – Italy


In the world of wooden houses there are basically two distinct philosophies: the breathable house or the house sealed and mechanically ventilated.

Recently, some studies have shown that excessive sealing of the buildings, while improving efficiency in terms of energy saving, on the other hand, drastically reduces the indoor air quality and worsens the health of the inhabitants due to the lack of air exchanges. In modern energy-efficient buildings it is usually necessary to install mechanical ventilation systems to ensure proper air replacement.

Compared to this trend, Biohabitat follows a completely different philosophy: we construct completely natural, vapor-permeable wood houses, without harmful substances while maintaining the energy efficiency of the building (and therefore good air-tightness), without the need for installing mechanical ventilation  or dehumidifiers.

Precursor of “healthy living culture” Biohabitat proposes, in the framework of wooden houses, a reference point for those who want to live in a house that is healthy, comfortable and safe .


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