Building criteria


Breathability of the walls is one of the key features to guarantee salubriousness of a dwelling.

If condensation and moisture forming inside the house during the normal daily activities are not expelled but are absorbed and blocked by the walls, an ideal environment is created for the formation of bacteria and moulds.

If the walls do not breathe, the humidity that has formed causes that the heat transmission occurs more rapidly  compared with a breathable wall.

If we build a CasaClima A (KlimaHaus A) which doesn’t breathe, with time it will become a CasaClima B (KlimaHaus B) or worse, as the humidity in the structure increases the loss of heat.

This problem affects most of the masonry structures with plastering and non breathable painting, along with wooden houses if materials have been used that not allow breathability.

For example, in wooden structures with board-glued panels, just one layer of glue blocks 80% of the breathability.

Biohabitat dowel system guarantees a high level of breathability with minimal heat loss. With a breathable wall and with large mass, living comfort increases exponentially.


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